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Learning the old way….

Do you know the old saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Well image if you will that the old dog in this scenario is the education system (or the educators) and image that the new tricks are the new methods and pedagogies in which education systems and educators could employ to better engage with the current generation.

In Richard E. Miller’s journal article ‘The Coming Apocalypse’ he questions the way in which knowledge and information is being taught within education institutions but also how it is being consumed by the general student. He states that;

Far from evolving in relation to the globalization of experience, our teachers, our curricula, and our expectations of education remain frozen in time, preserved like some prehistoric insect in a golden drop of amber.

Miller goes on to state that the way in which we consume information has changed. We are predominately reading in 140 character blasts on palm-sized screens. No longer are we heavily relying on going to printed books or journals when we are in need of information to support our own crazy ideas. Why would we… when are able to easily access this information via a thing called the Internet.

Since the advent of the Internet the debate of piracy, plagiarism and copyrighting of ideas has been front and centre. What Miller Contends is that higher education is somewhat struggling with this paradigm shift as the online world is embracing and cultivating collaboration, interaction and sharing of information with one another. This idea isn’t just shared by one person it is also shared by thousands of other educators, such as hollyclarksd who uploaded a short video (see below) looking at how education and technology can be used to enhance the learning experience for the student but also the teacher.


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